What used to live in dedicated on-site servers can now be managed centrally through the cloud. Whether you are deploying a single access point or thousands across multiple sites, Blue-WiFi is powerful enough to meet the demands of any hotel or resort. no on-site server means better management, less downtime and far lower cost.

Blue WiFi allows you to set upload and download throttles, block individual network abusers you notice behaving badly, or white list/black list specific devices to tightly control access. Additionally, Blue WiFi automatically analyzes all network traffic with Layer 7 packet inspection. You can automatically limit disruptive applications while prioritizing the applications your guests need.

Hardware, software and support all rolled into one low price makes it simple to budget your WiFi costs, and cheap enough to offer the amenity guests rate so highly, fast free WiFi. We let our monitoring, management and support service speak for itself by offering a no-penalty 30-day cancellation policy.

There’s nothing worse than not getting WiFi when you want it. Whether it’s assisting your guests or configuring your network We’re always available. We provide a toll free number for guests and staff to contact our on shore support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.