How we do it

How it works

BlueWiFi is built from the ground-up to provide your hotel guests with one of the best WiFi experiences available today. Our solution isn’t typical, but our customers tell us it’s the best one for their hotel guests. This is how we approach each property:

Install WiFi where it’s needed

Most WiFi solutions depend on wireless access points being installed in hallways, hoping the signal will reach every corner of guest rooms. Often, it doesn’t. WiFi is two-way communication, so more powerful access points won’t help the weakest devices on your network—smartphones and tablets—communicate back to the access point. That’s why Blue WiFi developed a system that allows us to get closer to where your guests actually use WiFi: in their rooms.

Hardwired Network Deployment:

If you already have ethernet cabling to each room BlueWifi will replace the wall ports with small wall mounted wifi access points while still allowing an ethernet and phone connection if required. This is the best performing system as every access point is hardwired to the internet to give full speed and performance.

Hallway/In-Room Hybrid Deployment:

If you already have access points in the hallways we will replace these and place repeaters in the surrounding rooms. These attach to power points and extend the signal from the hallways into the guest rooms. By extending the coverage we are creating a mesh network, bringing guest devices to within metres of an access point The result is strong signals and high speeds throughout. your property.

Other deployment solutions:

BlueWiFi can design a solution for new builds and properties without any existing cabling at all. If your property doesn’t fit the models above, we’ll design one that works for you.

Manage it from the cloud

With your access points in place, BlueWiFi configures, manages and monitors the system from the cloud.

Wifi for Hotels in Melbourne

Benefits of BlueWiFi cloud management:

No on-site servers

Blue WiFi grows with you. Because there’s nothing to configure on-site, adding new access points, network locations and clients takes just seconds. No servers on site mean less cost while allowing for far greater management and monitoring capabilities.

Make adjustments in seconds

Because there’s no need for someone to be on-site, BlueWiFi can make changes to your network in seconds and have them live in just a minute or two. Just call us to change a password or login page, set bandwidth limits and more.

Monitor from anywhere

Monitor from anywhere
Through a web interface you have full visibility over your network from anywhere in the world. You can identify problems, network abusers and bandwidth demand—or simply leave it to BlueWiFi to keep watch and notify you of any issues.

Monetize your network. Keep 100%.

Being based in the cloud means you can authenticate users, set pay-for-use options, collect secure credit card payments through PayPal and generate vouchers in real-time on the fly with Lobby Assistant. It’s incredibly easy to set up, and we never take a cut.

Blue-WiFi lives in secure and reliable EC2 data centers with global distribution and over 99.9% uptime. And even if your devices lose connection with the cloud controller, your networks aren’t affected. When a connection is established again, each device will continue checking in to the server to report usage and download any new settings

Solve guest issues quickly

Guests want WiFi and they want it now. When a guest can’t connect we take it seriously and provide 24/7 support.

BlueWiFi 24/7 Support Center

One number to call for all services.

Guest Technical Support

We answer in mere seconds, not minutes. Our team is familiar with the problems guests face and have quick solutions and workarounds on hand to get any WiFi enabled device online.

Network Management

Passwords, network names, bandwidth settings and more. We’re always there when you need to make changes to your WiFi. BlueWiFi can make virtually all changes remotely and instantly.

Wifi for Hotels in Melbourne

Repair and Warranty

Passwords, network names, bandwidth settings and more. We’re always there when you need to make changes to your WiFi. BlueWiFi can make virtually all changes remotely and instantly.

Wifi for Hotels in Melbourne

Network Monitoring

Sometimes you simply want to check in: We’re here for that too. BlueWiFi is always available to do status checks of the network as a whole, individual rooms, or individual guests. We also provide a website if you’d like to take a look at your network yourself.

Upgrade when you need to

Guest WiFi is changing fast. The world of wifi is changing fast and what was cutting-edge technology just a couple of years can easily become outdated and slow your network down. Beware of providers who claim their products will last 5 years or more. Do you remember your mobile phone from five years ago? Enough said. With a full replacement warranty and free service calls, BlueWifi helps keep your network running optimally as long as possible. When the time comes to upgrade your access points you can do so at a low, fixed price per room.

To help you keep up with guest demand without breaking the budget, BlueWiFi enables you to upgrade your guest wireless network to our latest technology any time you need at a low, fixed price based on the time since your last upgrade. With BlueWiFi, you can take advantage of new technology as soon as it is available—at a fair price—or wait until your property truly needs it, at an even lower price. And with a full replacement warranty and free service calls, BlueWifi helps keep your network running optimally as long as possible.

Technical specs

Still not sure how this all works? No worries. By choosing Blue-WiFi, you’re choosing to leave the complicated stuff to us. You should know that our networks meet or exceed the requirements of industry-leading brands such as Intercontinental Hotels Group, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Best Western, Choice Hotels, and pretty much everyone else. But if you’d still like to see exactly how our equipment works, view our technical specifications.